Johnny Cupcakes- 0 Carbs! 0 Sugars! 0 Fat!

In one of my searches for cupcake paraphernalia, I came across a site called Johnny Cupcakes. Now you may not know this, but I have a sweet spot for men who cook, especially those that bake. So, I though could it really be a man who bakes cupcakes?
I was so intrigued as I clicked the link to this Johnny Cupcake's page. I just knew it would be some awesome cupcake bakery that boasted manly cupcakes flavors named after cars or video games or something.
To my surprize as the link opened up it was not a bakery at all, it was a clothing shop. I was instantly hungry  to know more about this Johnny Cupcakes guy. So I scrolled and I read and I scrolled some more. I mean really, what more could I want, this is the fusion of the two things I love most after my family... fashion and cupcakes, duh.
I must know more.

So, who is/what is this Johnny Cupcakes?

Johnny is a former teenage prankster and college dropout, who started out designing pens and buttons for bands and business. While working he would wear his Johnny Cupcakes tee shirts; people started asking for them and it took off from there. The logo for this cool company is a cupcake and cross bones, yup just like the skull and cross bones. Awesome!!!! They make clothing for men, women and children, or girls, guys, and kids as it says on their site. Using bakery boxes instead of bags to package their goods gives the feel of a real bakery. The size chart on their site is listed like nutritional facts. They even donned chef outfits and gave out real cupcakes for their first trade show. I am so in love with this idea.

 Photo Courtesy of Johnny Cupcakes

 Even though Johnny didn't turn out to be some great male cupcake baker, I'm glad I stumbled upon his site. it's cupcake couture for sure. If you don't aalready know about him it is a must that you check it out.
They have a blog as well.