Random Acts of Kindness

I just received the most ispiring and motivating email from a woman that I've never met that was so full of sweetness I couldn't stop smiling. She didn't email me because she wanted to order anything or because she had a question. She simply wanted to tell me how much she'd enjoyed my cupcakes. How special is that.
Thanks Asheai : )

Check out her email below...

You don’t know me. I was at an event about 3 weeks ago and had the opportunity to taste your cupcakes. The Margarita and Red Velvet were featured. I totally loved the cupcakes [taste, presentation, etc.] I love the name “babycakes” – very catchy and the business card in general.
I think you have a wonderful concept and just wanted to tell you so.
I’m not sure when I will be having a function but I will definitely hold on to your card and will hopefully get to taste your cupcakes again in the near future.
God Bless you and your endeavors.