The Oprah Effect...

You may have seen it, CNN did a special on the effect Oprah Winfrey has on small businesses. It was fascinating. The Oprah Effect is the most amazing thing that could happen to a small busniess. It happens when somehow Ms. Winfrey gets a hold of your product and loves it, cause if she hated it I guess it would be the opposite effect. Anyway, all she has to do is speak highly of your business or product and all of a sudden your phone is ringing off the hook. Your products are flying off the shelves and you have so many orders of whatever it is you sell that you can't even keep up. But, somehow you make it through and and when you come out on the other side you have this million dollar business. That's what happened toWe Take the Cake. The owner Lori Karmel's boutique bakery was on the verge of bankruptcy when Oprah featured one of her cakes on the "Oprah's Favorite Things" show. After the show aired her phones were ringing off the hook. Her cakes are now sold in all of the Whole Foods markets in Florida and at to name a few. The bakery also now ships nationwide.

Ok, can somebody get Oprah one of my Red Velvet cupcakes, a lemon tart, something. I need the Oprah Effect to come my way.

~Until next time,