Okay, so I may have rushed in judgment of "Cupcake Wars." I just finished watching last week's episode and I kinda fell in love. This was a really sweet challenge and I loved the winner so much. She and her sister's story is so much like my own that it was scary. And the fact that self taught bakers beat out Kara, of  the Kara's Cupcakes empire, gave me so much inspiration. Maybe it was just a great episode. It made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
With that said, I really can't stand that French judge. He is depressing and mean. Like, it's a friggin cupcake. What do you want from it. Cupcakes are supposed to make people happy and nostalgic. He takes all of the happy out of cupcakes. And the host is slightly annoying, and I know he's just trying to be funny with all of his cupcake and baking references, but he's just not. I can imagine being in that kitchen frantic with time running out and I have to keep hearing him yell stuff across the set. I'd just want to smack him. I'm sorry.
All in all I guess the show is growing on me, but I still can't say that I love it, I will just retract my previous statement that is sucks and move on from here.

DC Cupcakes hasn't disappointed. It's entertaining and they are funny. A little bit more of a mess than I thought they would be, but it's cute. They kind of don't really have it together, but who does, and it always comes together in the end. Well at least in the three episodes I've seen.
I'll keep watching both!