Milk and cookies... but not really

You know I’m all about the cupcake, but, sometimes a girl just needs and tall glass of milk and some good old chocolate chip cookies.

As much as we love these sweet treats, we can’t indulge as much as we might like to. After all, like old the saying goes; A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips.
Well, my new favorite site and blog of the moment dispels all fears of waistband expansion and allows you to treat yourself to all of the cupcakes and cookies you’d like.

Milk and Cookeez- a yummy bath shoppe
You will not believe your eyes, you will be so tempted to taste these body pastries, but please don’t. They are soaps people. And bath bombs and lip scrubs. They are the cutest little inedible bits of happiness I’ve ever seen. I feel so happy just looking at the site. Everything looks so yummy and makes me feel like a kid. I have visions of my future cupcake boutique and I see Milk and Cookeez items being big sellers there.

These sweet treats are not just for you. Share them. If you have one of those kids who just never wants to take a bath, one purchase from Milk and Cookeez might make your life so much easier. What kid wouldn’t want to wash up with a Popsicle, or an ice cream cone? Seriously, I would love to take a bath with a cupcake. And with the high quality ingredients Milk and Cookeez uses, you might want to hide these goodies from the kids and keep them all to yourself.
Check out the site and the blog; you’ll love it!

Oh and the super cute site is another product of that Mammalicious Amy Sheppard. No wonder I loved it so much. I love her work!


Sweeteez Cupcake Soap
        sugar cookeez w/ rainbow sprinklz  

chocolate chippy