When I smell sunscreen or watermelon I'm instantly overcome with the fun and free spirited feeling that to me is summer. The same thing happens when I taste one of my margarita lime cupcakes. They are sooooo good, if I do say so myself. Margaritas were my favorite drink for years. They are just fun and yummy. There are so many versions of it now, but my favorite is still a tradtional margarita on the rocks with salt... Yummo! I could go for one right now.
So for my margarita cupcakes I took the traditional route as well. They have a pinch more salt than the average cupcake, just to help kick up the maragarita flavor, and they're made with Bacardi Margarita mix. I top them with a light green lime meringue butter cream, a jelly lime slice, and a dusting of glitter sugar (it didn't show up well on the pictures).

I promise you one bite and you are on the beach with your Margarita in hand. Don't be surprised if you have sand in your shoes, by the time you finish your cupcake!

BTW- These are minis!