Whooo, I'm tired...

Today I finished one really big order and realized how much BCC is taking over the Ford household. I actually had to throw away a few things in my refridgerator to make room for cupcake. Well, they probably should have been thrown away anyway, but that's not the point. I was nervous that they all wouldn't fit for their overnight stay. I removed one of the shelves and it all worked out. Every one had a place to sleep.
But then in the AM, they took over my dining room table and the kids had to eat breakfast in the living room, which you know was not a problem for them. Why do kids like to eat in the living room? Because they know they're not supposed to I guess. 

Anyway, all this cupcake madness was because of a baby girl named Zoie Amore. Her Aunt and Grandmother threw her Mommy and Daddy a shower for her. For the pink, brown and cream shower they ordered Scarlet (my red velvet) and a custom order of my Plain Jane (Vanilla pound with Vanilla buttercreme). Instead on vanilla buttercreme they opted for strawberry cream cheese icing to keep with their color scheme. What an amazing combo! My strawberry cream cheese frosting tastes just like Breyer's strawberry ice cream; one of my favorites! Super yummy if I do say so myself! Oh and by the way... I made a new discovery. An upside down sundae glass makes and awesome individual cupcake stand. Very elegant! Who knew!

One last thing, the lovely ladies that placed this order also requested a small red velvet cake for the top of there tiered stand, not knowing that BCC only does cupcakes and cookie pops. At first I said no, but I can't stand saying no. But I absolutely hate making cakes. It's too much pressure. They have to be perfect and these days with all the fondant, I just don't have the attention span for all of that. Any who, I took on the challenge and did a 6 inch layer cake; red velvet with pink cream cheese icing. It turned out really cute especially once I added the cutesy little topper I made for them. Love it! It turned out so well that I'm considering adding it to my menu, naming it, what else but The Baby Cake! I'm still undecided though, cakes are hard.