Happy New Year!!!!!

So, I totally missed the one year anniversary of starting this blog. Between the holidays and the holiday orders I barely know what today's date is. That's a good thing! I had this whole thing planned out for what I would say and how I would thank my followers on that date, but I missed it.
So here we are on New Year's Day, the perfect time to thank you all for making 2010 such an awesome year. From the cupcakes to the comments I have had so much more success in this first year than I could have ever imagined. So thank you! I wish I could send you all a cupcake right now!

In 2011 my eye is on the prize. The focus is on the storefront. Babycakes Couture Sweets Boutique 2012!!!

At this time of year people make resolutions to be or do better, or to do something they have been putting off for a while. Most often times they don't follow through. This year I'm not making resolutions. I'm making plans. Plans are roadmaps or blueprints for a desired outcome. Make a plan, with simple steps and easy to find landmarks, that should help with keeping you on track through out the year.
This year I plan to come up with new a cupcake flavor every month, and tackle new techniques that I've been wanting to try. I plan to learn and know the business side of things like I know my cupcakes. It's going to be a good year!
What are your New Year's Plans?