Monkeying Around

Please pardon the holiday reference, but I stated this post a while ago and never finished it.

I have the greatest hubby in the world, and this weekend I just felt like doing something sweet for him. Though he loves my baking, there is one thing that I will allow him to have from a bakery. I found this little spot by accident one day and I went in just to get him a doughnut. He loves old fashioned bakery doughnuts. Instead of a doughnut I found something I had never heard of, Monkey Bread. It was kind of doughnutty in that it had a glaze on it so I took it home a started an obsession.

He hadn't had it in while so I thought I'd treat him to one. Little did I know the bakery was closed for the July 4th holiday weekend. Of course I had already told him I would be bringing home a treat. Now what??? Bake it myself???  As much as I bake, I've never baked bread. I must say that I was also sightly intimidated by the fact that he already loves theirs. I don't think I could handle if he said the bakery's version was better than mine.

After a little research and the hard swallowing of my pride, I decided to try it. I went out to buy yeast. As I searched online for a recipe I came across a million recipes that used a roll of refrigerated biscuit dough. I don't think so! That is one shortcut I will not be taking! Finally, I found the perfect recipe. Alton Brown's Overnight Monkey Bread. Once I got started I realized I had nothing to be afraid of. Bread is easy peasy! Well that breat at least. The process was long, but the next morning it made a great breakfast accessory right out of the oven. Here is the end result. Let's just say I may have gotten myself into something. He really liked it!
This little monkey tried to steal a taste of Daddy's bread and I caught him.