Blonde Bombshell...

So What comes to mind when you hear "Blonde Bombshell"?
Would it be Marilyn Monroe?

Or maybe Scarlett Johansson?
How about Miss Beyonce?

Well once you taste the newest addition to the collection you will never have another thought when you hear "Blonde Bombshell". This cupcake is the hottest thing this season. It's a must have item this spring.

Have you ever had a Blondie?
My Blonde Bombshell is the Blondie's sexy cousin from out of town.
She is a moist cake flavored with brown sugar and jazzed up with Heath toffee chips, frosted with white chocolate cream cheese frosting and, hello, topped off with a caramel drizzle.
You can't help but to close your eyes and bite it slow, take a deep breath and enjoy!