Famous Cupcakes

So my girlfriend Kim K. has done it again. I told you before that she and her beautiful sisters have this whole campaign for their favorite cupcake bakery, Famous Cupcakes in Beverly Hills. Well wouldn't you know not only does she have her own cupcake, but now she also has her own D-I-Y cupcake mix.

Now normally you know I would be completely against this. Really, because from scratch is where it's at! I don't fool around with mixes, but that's just me. I don't judge. However for my semi-homemade kitchenistas this is a totally cute idea. The kit comes with enough mix for 18 of Kimmie's favorite "VaVaVa Nilla" cupcakes, cupcake liners, pink sugar crystals and a recipe for pink buttercream frosting. Not intimidating at all; even to the meekest of bakers. So step up ladies don't be shy. No one has to know it's from a box. I won't tell. I may even order a box, you know, just to test it out.

It is Kim Kardashian. Love her!