Talk about busy...

Tonight I vow to, no matter how busy I get, post a meaningful blog entry at least three times a week. Whew, that's a serious commitment. And when I say meaningful, I mean as meaningful as one could be when it involves a cupcake.

My name is Khadijah and I am an addict. I am addicted to cupcakes, eating them- in moderation of course, baking them, and buying anything related to them.
This afternoon I was minding my own business in AC Moore when all of a sudden I heard the cutest little cupcake boxes calling my name. And they had the nerve to only be a dollar. And a two pack at that. The next thing I knew they were in my basket. I couldn't just leave them there. I mean they're tiny, they will only fit one cupcake, but I'm clever. They will end up being favor boxes, centerpieces, ballon weights or something.
We shall see. 

They even come with cute little gift tags. Aren't they sweet?