Happy Birthday to Me!!!

It’s my birthday today!  Birthdays are so much fun.  No matter how old I get I still feel like a little princess on my birthday.  People just treat you nicely when it’s your birthday. It’s like how they treat you when you’re preggers- and then as soon as you have the baby it’s back to normal. Either way, I love birthdays so much.

 I have three things that I would like to wish for today.  I know they say if you tell someone then they won’t come true, but I don’t believe that.  

Now, these are not the Miss America wishes; of course I would love for there to be world peace or to end world hunger, but, this wish is not about that (although I do wish they would get this oil situation under control).  Anyway, my first wish is for the famous, most awesome and super fabulous Ms. Oprah Winfrey to taste one of my cupcakes, and love it; because God knows if she hated it I would be devastated.  My second wish is actually two wishes in one.  I want oh so badly to meet Ms. Paula Deen and Mr. Bobby Flay. They are my absolute favorite Food Network personalities.  I would give Paula Deen the biggest hug ever.  She just seems so huggable!  And that Bobby Flay, he’s so cute; I want a Cupcake Throw-down with him.  I would kick his butt!  He’s huggable too; I love them both.

Ok, now my third wish is something that I am very serious about and I am going to bake my little heart out to make it come true.  I WANT A CUPCAKE TRUCK!!!!!!!!  I want a truck so bad.  It would be the cutest little couture cupcake mobile you’ve ever seen. Pink and brown just like the site; until then, I will continue on the path that has treated me soooo well thus far.  But, one day soon you will see a sweet little pink cupcake truck rolling around the streets of Philly and I will be behind the wheel.  Can’t wait! Honk your horn and wave when you see me!