Hi Guys!!!!!

I miss my blog family!
I have been swamped. We are moving to a new house and that is no small task. It’s bad enough moving my stuff, but the kids have a load of crap of their own that needs to be dealt with. I think a trash can is the perfect place for it, though I am sure they would disagree. The big move is this weekend, so after we are settled, it will be back to business as usual here.

Busy as I am, I had to take a few moments to share with you some great news.
The pink flag has been planted and victory is so sweet!
Thanks to my teams fundraising efforts and the giving hearts of friends, family and strangers alike, Babycakes Couture for the Cure raised $1031.00 in the 2010 Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure Fundraising campaign. We surpassed or goal of $1000 and the race is still on. The site will be up until June 1, 2010 tallying all of the donations. So if you’re saying “aww man, I meant to do that,” you still can! Or if you know someone who wants to donate, spread the word! Here’s the link once again, just in case you lost it!

Babycakes Couture for the Cure Team Page

The day of the actual race (or shall I say walk because there was no racing going on in our group) our team stepped out in true Babycakes Couture fashion sporting our custom team tees; with of course a cupcake on them, topped with Breast Cancer Ribbon Sprinkles. Thanks to a little company called Custom Tees right outside of Philly. They cranked them out for us at the last minute. They did an excellent job. Thanks Custom Tees!

It was a great day!

Now back to my boxes!