A Domestic Goddess in Every Way

I cook, I bake, I scrapbook, I make jewelry, I mean I do all things crafty. Oh, and I sew. Maybe I don't actively sew, but I can sew. Same difference. Actually I haven't sewn anything in about 7 years, but it's just like riding a bike...right?

I have a wedding to attend on New Years Eve. My husband is in The wedding an he's wearing a tux, so you know what that means! I have to wear a gown! I am excited too because the wedding is at the The Merion Tribute House, where we got married 2 years ago. Yay!!

I haven't really tapped in to my fashion designer alter ego in a while. But I've run in to a dilemma that has motivated me to pick up my needle and thread. Whenever I have somewhere special to go, I meditate on what I want to wear. What, you don't meditate? What look am I going for? What's my inspiration? Once I have a grasp on the look I hit up Google for some reality to my fantasy. I search red carpet looks, and magazine covers. Lucky and Instyle magazines are the best for this type of research. But as usual Google never lets me down. I searched for a long sleeved  evening gown and after I weeded through all of the horrible MOB gowns I found this amazing BCBG jersey dress.

It looks so simple and glam at the same time, and it's jersey, so it's probably super comfy. Now here's the catch. This dress is online on "final cut", basically meaning clearance. Anything on sale at BCBG is not returnable. What do you mean I can't return it? So, if I order this dress and it is a terrible fit I can't send it back? I'm not taking that chance. But it's perfect, and I want it soooo bad.
Then The light bulb went off. I was a fashion student darn it! I used to sew and design all the time. I'll make that dress myself, humph. Who needs BCBG anyway. Not me! I'm a Domestic Goddess, I can do this.

Now as I said before, it's been a while. I mean, I designed the dresses for my girls for my wedding, but I didn't make them. I'm really nervous, so I better get started soon, just in case I need to run out and buy a dress. I'll keep you posted. Wish me luck!