Count them, 1...2...3 cupcakes

I started this blog in January as a New Year's resolution in conjunction with getting serious about BCC. I tried a couple of different blogging start ups and fell in love with Blogger. It was so easy to navigate. I tried a few templates and settled on one with polka dots in the background. It was cute, but it didn't say what I wanted Babycakes Couture to say. I consulted a few firms and even word of mouth recommendations to spruce up my site. Either they were too expensive for me, or they were unreliable or not able to deliver on my vision. One day I was perusing Party Box Design and just admiring the beautiful setup of the blog and the web site. I scrolled to the bottom and saw Amy Shepard's name. I clicked it and it took me to her site Mammalicious Finds, which I love. I didn't see anything about a blog design business but I took a chance anyway and emailed her. She responded that she no longer did it, and if in the future she wasn't too busy with all the other stuff she does, besides being a mom, she would let me know. I was disappointed, but how could I blame her. Well a few weeks later she emailed me to see if I was still interested and of course I was.

After a couple of emails discussing my vision for my site Amy sent me a few mock ups, I had a tweak here and there, but for the most part Amy hit the nail right on the head. And that's how the new Babycakes Couture was born.

Well, now Amy has a new full blown blog design company called 3 Cupcakes Blog Design. They have an awesome cupcake concept for ordering services, I'm so into it. They even have Premade Cupcake Packages if you're in a crunch. With the premades looking the way that they do, you can imagine how good the packages made just for you would be. I love my site, but I'm struggling not to revamp BCC again. we're not even a year old and I'm starting to want a 3 Cupcakes redo.