Recycle... Reduce... Reuse...

I've been trying to think of a cute way to get people to return the clay pots that I use for the cupcake bouquets. Not for economical purposes or anything, just to be less wasteful. I came up with something; it's not creative at all. I am offering a $5 discount on the next bouquet order when you return a pot, given that it's in reusable condition. Don't go digging out the fern you planted in it just to get a discount. That won't work.

Now as I said, I came up with a non-creative idea for cutting down on waste, well one of my customers did just the opposite. One of the doctors I work with on my day job purchased a hydrangea bouquet for his very pregnant wife, which she loved, and wouldn't you know it she was hit by the creativity bug. For the good doctor's birthday she gifted the pot back to him as a cute little flower pot picture frame artsy thingy. I absolutely adore it.
So, in addition to accepting the clay pots back, I welcome pictures of customers' creative uses for them as well. I know there are some crafty folks out there and I would love to see what you come up with.
 I feel a contest coming on.