Fall Fashion Loves...

Though I wish I lived on some beautiful Island where breezy summer dresses and sandals could be  my year round wardrobe, sadly, I do not. In Philly we have the pleasure of experiencing the best of what each season has to offer. So to cope with the dropping temperatures I turn to fashion to help get me through til the spring. These are a few of my fovorite things right now. 

1. These gray wool flannel wedges… OMG where’s my pencil skirt and my opaque tights LOVE!!! American Eagle $70
2. Ok, a peacock feather, really… How stinkin’ cute are these? I love unexpected little details. From the front they’re just plain old opaques in a beautiful color, but from the back… AWESOMENESS!

Modcloth.com $29.99
3.  I die for this Rachel Zoe knit cape. It is absolute perfection for fall, and depending on how you layer, it could take you into winter, it just aught to, it’s a tad bit expensive. Saks $425

 4. Mrs. Humphries, I think she's still married, is pictured here in one of my favorite looks of the season. Recently scarves have become a year round accessory, and I have to admit that I am a huge fan of that. You can wear a plain tee and jeans and change the whole look by adding a scarf. These chunky infinity scarves like Kim is wearing are awesome they are so warm you don't even need a jacket. Everywhere i.e. Urban Outfitter, Modcloth.com, J. Crew... Kim's is Gucci! 

What are you lovin' on this season?