Full Circle...

I am just a cupcake baker, that's all. I just make cupcakes. I mean they are some pretty damn awesome cupcakes, but still, I wonder why that makes me so deserving of love that I feel from my customers.

I had two first birthday parties to do this weekend one for Prince Erick and the other for Little Miss Zoie. They could have been any other 1st birthday orders, but I knew these babies. Last year around this time I completed orders for their mommies' baby showers! These babies had Babycakes Couture before they were even born. That's so cool!

I mean, I have return customers all the time, but when I realized the connection here I felt a sense of pride in myself and my business. These moms chose BCC to be apart of two of the most special celebrations of their families' lives. BCC will be a part of their memories of these events forever. That's major to me.

I've never thought of what I do in that way before. When I think of my own wedding reception, I can't help but think about my beautiful cake and how yummy it was. But I never though of my customers thinking of my creations that way. Or that they would look at pictures from their event in years to come and think of my babycakes. That is a special feeling and I am so thankful to have been given the gift to do that for my customers, and I hope to feel that feeling for years to come.