Happy 1st Birthday!!!

First of all let me say that I have a new found appreciation for Bakerella, I bow down to her in all of her cake pop fabulousness. I've done cake pops before, but 7 dozen was a bit of a task. Not to mention the fiasco of trying to find these cake pop petals that I am convinced had to have been a figment of my imagination. A few months ago while perusing the the isles of Joann's I swear I saw the cutest little cake pop petals by Wilton. At that point I wasn't making cake pops regularly but I thought it was a really cute idea. Well, I should have bought them then because they were exactly what I needed for my cake pop flowers this weekend's lady bug birthday party.

I seriously looked all over the place, called every craft store in a 10 mile radius and googled everything I could think of, to no avail. Nothing to say that these things ever even existed. So I had to turn the clever crafty up a notch. I started looking at scrap booking and card making videos and was reminded of when my mom and I used to make paper snowflakes. That gave me the idea to use mini cupcake cups to make paper flowers to adorn my cake pop flowers. They were perfect! 
Here's what I did...
1. First I pressed all of the crimps out of the liner, and smashed it out to a flat circle. Then I folded it in half. And then in half again, and again.

2. Then I trimmed the top edge of the triangle into a round edge, like an upside down U. And trimmed the point so that I would have a hole for the stick from the cake pop.

3. Lastly, I pulled the petals apart and opened up my cute little flower!
(So as you can see, I forgot to cut the tip on this guy before I opened it up, but you get the picture)

Yes, that's Fiddle Faddle in the background. Something had to get me through the wee hours of the morning dipping pops! Don't judge me.

Artificial grass- one of my thrifty finds, but that's a story for another day

They came out really cute.
Happy Birthday Zoie!!

Prince Erick's 1st Birthday party was at the Philadelphia Zoo. How fun! His fabulous mom Brandy just told me to use animals especially the giraffe. I couldn't have asked for better finds for his cookie pop bouquet. I am so in love with this giraffe and these little monkeys on the ribbon. They're so cute!