Happy New Year!!!!

The last few weeks of 2011 found me very busy. The holiday season is now a blur and and my head is already a week in front of me mapping out my first custom orders of 2012. This is something that I try to control, but to no avail, the thoughts and images just keep coming; a gift and a curse.

Looking ahead to 2012, I wish you, my extended Babycakes Couture family, all the happiness in the world. I pray that The Universe supplies you with all that you need to be your best self in the new year.

 With that, said here are some pics of my end of the year business. One thing that I am especially proud of is a "pro bono" cake pop arrangement I did for an amazing interior design company here in Philly that was celebrating they're 10th anniversary; Busy Bee Design Company.Check them out.

Here are a few others...
The Philly Phanatic... of course!

Red Ranger

Chocolate Vegan Cupcake... Can you say YUM!!!!

Now for the pi├Ęce de r├ęsistance... 
The Cupcake Truffles
We'll talk more about that later