So in my last post I shared a picture of what I am calling Cupcake Truffles. They are essentially the same thing as a cake pop, but for grown ups. They are decadent and sophisticated and I love them! So far I've done them in red velvet with white chocolate, chocolate mint, blondie with chocolate and toffee chips, and my personal fav... coconut rum cake with white chocolate. OMG!!!! That one is ridiculously tasty, if I do say so myself. There are more flavors to come.
I packed these cute little boxes for my coworkers at the day job and the were a hit. I wanted to do something different for them; I always bring them cupcakes. Not that you can get sick of cupcakes, but I just wanted to do something a little different. Lets just say nobody missed the cupcakes. So cupcake truffles will be the first new menu item of 2012!

That's just the beginning of the changes to come for BCC in 2012. New menu items, and a new look are just the start. Can you say Cupcake Makeover?!?!?!?

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