My newest obsession

My husband always tells me that it's a good thing I never got into drugs because I have a very addictive personality. I often get hooked on a particular thing and I must have it. Whatever it is at that moment actually consumes me until I get it if it's a purchase or until I am literally sickened by the thought of it if it's edible. My current edible obsession is Jelly Belly jelly beans. Now I will admit that I had a preexisting condition, meaning that around Easter I go a little crazy on the Jelly Bellys, but then it goes away until the next year. Well, 2 weeks ago my BSGF (bestest sister girlfriend=BFF) surprised me with a bag out of the blue and unleashed the monster. I have been eating them ever since. My husband left me some under my pillow, and the other night he made a late night run to the CVS for me. It's really bad! I think I'll have to go cold turkey because I don't see this one wearing off.
As far as the purchase obsession... the above is haunting me in my dreams. Isn't she a beaut? This little lady has soooo many tricks up her sleeve, I can't even name them. Now, I am a strictly Kitchen Aid girl and I do love my Pink Penny, but this here Cuisinart  is gonna make me change my religion. I am so in love! I could almost whip out cupcakes in my sleep. Think I could get it for Valentine's Day?