Addiction... Obsession... Whatever

In my last post I broached the subject of my alleged addiction issues. Well in that post I failed to mention the underlying obsession I have with shoes. So now that that's out in the open, currently my attention revolves around boots. Rightfully so with the current decline in the temp here in  Philly.
So, yes, boots... specifically massive wedges with beautiful hardware, laces or some kind of little unique details. These are a few favs.

What, House of Harlow???? Crazy!!!

These by Report                                              These by Steve Madden


Hail to the Queen!!!! This boot right here is all you need to get you through the winter, with a price point between  $1000 and $500 it just better to be enough. With Camilla Skavgaard's iconic saw sole you could wear them in the snow. Unzip the top zipper and you have a cute little calf boot. Fold that down and expose the shearling lining for a cute rustic style ankle boot. Zip the last part off and have a classic black ankle boot, but leave both sections on for the tall edgy knee boot. 4 looks in one and I love them all!