Fascinating Find...

WARNING: This post has absolutely nothing to do with cupcakes.

I don't know about you, but I love to watch infomercials and QVC. I watch, but I never buy. Especially those too good to be true products that will make your life easier in some way. If they're so great, why can I get 5 of the for only $19.95? Huh? Explain that. I just don't trust them, and I'm not in the business of wasting my money. One particular product that always catches my attention is those velvety magic hangers that are supposed to give you twice the space in your closet... you know the ones. The sales woman is so believable and it seems like they really do magically give you more space, but how? That's why I never buy. 
Well, the other day I was in Ross, and low and behold there they were, in all colors. Except pink :( There was a pack of 20 hangers for $7.99. I picked them up, felt the velvety smoothness, and read the label and put them down. I still didn't believe they would work. I walked around some more and on my way to the register there was another bin filled with more hangers. This time there were smaller packs (10) that were $3.99. I quick grabbed a pack and hurried to the register before I changed my mind. $3.99 was a reasonable waste if they didn't work and a steal if they did, so I bought them. SUPER DUPER STEAL!!! These things are awesome! I used them last night when I put the laundry away. I was amazed by how much less space they took up. How'd they do that? I don't care... all I know is I'm going back for more! And cardigans don't slip off; amazing! Hopefully they will have pink; although, I think I want them all to be the same color. We'll see. And I'll get the black ones to do the hubby's side. Me first though :)
 See the difference.... 8 hangers and some of them have 2 items on them. I can't wait to get more!